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Home Up Carburator Vibration Isolator  


    The Carburubber is a 1 inch thick steel and rubber isolator specifically designed to eliminate vibration related problems associated with 4 cylinder 2 barrel racing engines. This product is dyno and track proven!

    This product is constructed of a proprietary Nitrile rubber blend, vulcanized between two 1\4 inch steel flanges that are completely isolated from each other.  the two steel plates have no through holes between them, this is a true vibration isolator!

Key Benefits

bulletEliminates power surging due to loss of fuel level control.
bulletallows the carburator float, needle and seat to work properly.
bulletAllows the use of a power valve in 4 cylinder applications.
bulletEliminates accelerator check valve from bouncing off its seat.
bulletMinimizes the chance of detonation and burnt pistons relates to momentary rich  to lean conditions.
bulletIncreases fuel mileage as a result of linerizing air fuel ratio.
bulletReduces base plate, and air cleaner hardware failure.


Description SKU # Price
1 to 3 Racer $185.00
4 to 10 pc. dealer Call    
10 or more pc. WD    Call    

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