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Billet Zetec oil pump gears now available




Home Up Porsche 944 CNC engine resleeving  



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    Shown above left to right, a failed sleeve due to poor flange design, (not enough material to support "O" ring and duty requirement).  Our in house 4 axis CNC preparing a 944 turbo block to accept the Super Sleeves.  A picture of the Super Sleeve, showing its extra wide and deep flange, currently used in 675 hp turbo applications. Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

   All coordanates are referenced from the original porsche jig holes located on the oil pan rail.  Because of this we are able to correct the cylinder bore centerline and relocate the cylinder head dowels in there propper location. If one so desires they may give us special dimentions to offset the cylinders or even just the head dowel pins.  This is particularly helpfull as a means of changing the effective rod stroke ratio for better cylinder filling.  After the sleeves are installed we ca machine the top of the sleeves to provide a customer specified sleeve protrusion for extra head gasket crush. Our "O" ring fixture (from BHJ Products) makes it posible to provide any "O" ring reciever grove combination that the customer specifies.  We feel our program is the best offered to the profesional engine builder. 















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